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Welcome to the Spielwelt German Parents Association website. Spielwelt operates a German language Playschool, Playgroups and Scout Group in Canberra, Australia. We also have a great children's library of German books, CDs, DVDs and games.

Herzlich Willkommen!  Die Spielwelt Deutsche Elterninitiative praesentieren die Deutsche Vorschule, Kinderkrippe, und Pfadfindergruppe in Canberra, Australien. Ausserdem haben wir tolle deutschsprachige Kinderbuecher, CDs, DVDs und Spiele zum ausleihen.


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Apply to enrol at GAP,    
Check out the GAP at a Schnupper session    
How to pay your GAP fees

How to join Pfadfinder   
How to pay your Pfadfinder fees

New Germans in Canberra
New to Canberra    
German families moving to, living and working in Canberra

Hiring the Scout Hall
Hiring the Turner Scout Hall

German Babysitter and Children's Tutor list
Add yourself or find German babysitters and children's tutors to our community list.



What's NEW:

GAP turns 10 years old!  German Embassy helps us celebrate!

The German Australian Playschool is delighted to be the recipient of a kind and generous gift of a beautiful sand and water play activity table from the German Embassy in Canberra.  The GAP turned 10 in December 2016, and it was lovely to receive such a great gift that will be used for years to come!


Spielwelt is an Award Winning Community Organisation!

Spielwelt won in the best Community Organisation category of the ACT Multicultural Awards for 2016. The awards were announced in December 2016. We are very pleased to be the recipient of such a great award in the ACT... it just goes to show what a great community organisation you all belong to and help to create!


Dance Program Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

The delightful Dance afternoon program is delivered in German and held at Turner Scout Hall.  Children can enrol for either Tuesday or Thursday afternoons. This great program is geared for children 3-5 years although 6 year olds may also attend.  Classes run from 3:30 until 5pm. Approx $210 per term (10 sessions per term). (Or $26 per session if you only book one session at a time, on short notice.) More info on Dance in German.   


Immersion and Learner classes at GAP

The German Australian Playschool (GAP) now has two classes:

* Mondays and Tuesdays: an immersion program for children with an existing comprehension of German.
* Thursdays and Fridays:  a bilingual program aimed at all levels of German comprehension, from beginners to fluent. The program is also suitable for German-only speakers, wanting to pick up a bit of English.

More info on the GAP.


Spiel und Spass German Playgroup

The Spiel und Spass German playgroup is running on Wednesday mornings, 9:30am to 11:30am.  More info on Spiel und Spass.


German Language School on Monday afternoons

The German Language School will continue to run German lessons for children (at the Allliance Francais building which is a short walk across the park from the Turner Scout Hall) on Mondays after school, from 4 to 5:30pm. See the ACT German Language School's website for details.  


Take care in the Australian sunshine

Playing outdoors today? Check the UV levels in Canberra first, and be SunSmart like the German Australian Playschool is!

Like or Join us on Facebook and keep up with our news and events

If you want to hear about events on in Canberra for families who love German (even after your child might no be longer enrolled in our programs), then you can:

a)  "like" the Spielwelt Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/SpielweltGermanKidsCanberra/
and for the "insider" events and photos, you can
b) "request to join" our closed facebook group for Spielwelt members past and present.



Help your children's German at home

Whether or not you have the great advantage of joining a Spielwelt children's program, check out our inspirational guide to helping your children learn or maintain their German at home.


We acknowledge the support of the ACT Government's Multicultural Language Grants program for supporting the development of this website. Thank you, Minister!


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