ACT German Language School

ACT German Language School Inc.


German classes for children and adults


The ACT German Language School has been operating in Canberra since 1958. It is an independent, non-profit organisation aimed at promoting German language and culture through the provision of German language classes for children and adults. The school is operated by an annually elected management team consisting of parents, teachers and other members of the Association. It has separate divisions for children and adults, each offering instruction at different levels.


The School’s qualified teachers are native German-speakers using modern teaching materials published in Germany and Australia. For its children’s classes, the School receives limited financial support from the ACT Government as well as material and in-kind assistance from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Some material assistance is also received from time to time from the Embassies of Austria and Switzerland.


The School offers classes for children and for adults, evenings and Saturdays. They are also running a special children's class at the Turner Scout Hall on Mondays after school. Children with good German fluency are welcome to say on afterwards for Pfadfinder.





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